• Blue Swimming Crab

    Our “Flagship” crabmeat is what has earned Pacific Cove recognition as the #1 Name in Quality. Pacific Cove pasteurized crabmeat is 100% hand picked from only the highest quality Blue Swimming Crabs. These special crabs are known throughout the world for their delicate and delicious meat, making them a favorite for discriminating chefs...

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  • Red Swimming Crab

    The Red Swimming Crab is an excellent alternative to our premium grade Blue Swimming Crab. Whether the application is for crab cakes, soups, salads, Oscar style toppings or stuffing, the sweet taste and firm texture, as well as superb value, makes Pacific Cove the #1 choice for chefs everywhere...

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  • Signature Series

    Our new “Signature Series” takes the crabs right from the water and into steamers as they are being caught on the fishing vessels. This process not only locks in freshness, but also a delicious sweet taste and firm texture which ensures the value of the Red Swimming Crab...

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Our Mission

The mission of  Pacific Cove brand is to be recognized as the premier name in pasteurized crabmeat and seafood through consistent high quality, our leadership role in sustainability, and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to be a responsible resource, friend of the seas and to secure a relationship as a loyal partner with our customers in their business.

Our New Home

In late 2010, Newport International became the new home of Pacific Cove Brand.  All of our customers will benefit from access to a larger selection of premium crab meat, shrimp, fish, Surimi, lobster and value added products. Newport International was established in 1964, and has since grown to be one of the industry’s’ most respected seafood suppliers.